Wednesday, 24 March 2010


+ Investigate how serial killers are portrayed in the media (Crime investigation, documentaries etc) and how accurate they are.

+ Investigate wether our modern environment creates the increase in murders we have seen in recent years or is it simply a case of the public being more confident in reporting incidents and more crimes being solved than in previous years?

+ Do humans have an innate need to kill? (an evolutionary theory) and does a lack of killing opportunities in our modern world drive more venerable minds to murder?

+ Can there ever be such a thing as a "good" serial killer? (eg. series - "Dexter" and the book "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" - the character uses his need to kill to murder people who have taken the lives of others - investigate any real life versions)

+ How is the way murderers and serial killers are portrayed in the media different from their real life counterparts? also how can tv, film, books and other media effect vunerable and impressionable minds by glorifying murder, creating copycat killers?

+ Use the crime museum in London.

+ Talk to people involved in murder cases, psychologists, eyewitnesses, officers etc.

+ Talk to media outlets, film, tv, newspapers etc.

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